Evolution Roofing Ltd.

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Evolution Roofing Ltd. is a young and devoted company that believes in safety, customer satisfaction, honest and hard work. We are committed to new roofing technologies that are environmentally friendly and that provide superior quality.

Atlantic Roofers

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When you select Atlantic Roofers Limited, you are getting more than just a roofing company. Along with the contract comes a commitment to excellence that dates back to 1972 and our beginning in Cocagne, New Brunswick. Over the years, we have established six regional offices throughout Atlantic Canada. Our people have developed into what we


Réjean Richard Roofing Ltd.

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I am the President of Réjean Richard Roofing, the company I started in November, 1985. I can attribute my success thus far to hard work and dedication; you need to be there first thing in the morning, before the sun shines, and sometimes you go to bed when the sunsets. I should mention that Réjean


Nowlans Roofing 2005 Ltd.

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I started roofing in Boston, Mass. in 1964, working for the Columbia Cornice Company which were out of Somerville, Mass. I got over my fear of heights on one of the first jobs, the Prudential Building, a 57 story building downtown. There is a lot of hard work involved in roofing and you need a


Northwest Roofers Ltd.

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Success thus far in the history of Northwest Roofers can be attributed to tenacity with respect to customer needs, sticking with projects and so on. Also, roofing technology changes from year to year and for Northwest, new technology means new clients as we work hard to ensure that customers benefit from the best of what


Wilson (J.E.) Roofing and Ventilation Ltd.

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At J.E. Wilson, we compete based on quality, not price. Typically, the lowest price is not always the right price for a job. Quite often we may not be found at the lowest bidder, but at the end of the day, we offer the best value for dollar from the customers standpoint. Our work includes


TriForce Team Ltd.

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Protect your business, condo, apartment complex, townhouse, warehouse with a reliable roof constructed by a professional roofing company. We are the go-to team that many commercial and industrial businesses depend upon for roof repairs, installs, and replacements. VISION: Build the best team. Best Team = Best Employees + Best Suppliers + Best Customers MISSION: To


Flynn Canada Ltd.

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Flynn designs, builds, installs, and maintains complete building envelopes – the only trade contractor in North America with the expertise and resources to work on virtually every aspect of a building’s outer layer including: -Contract glazing and curtain wall -Architectural building products -Institutional, commercial, and industrial roofing -Environmental solutions -Service and maintenance For our clients,