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In the late 1980s, New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) members formed a committee to look at introducing a five year Guarantee Program, similar to extended roof guarantee programs in other provinces.  They were inspired by industry and client concerns  about  the longevity of some built-up roof membrane system installations and the desire for  improved roofing specifications.

In February 1990, a group of NBRCA members incorporated a new company;  the Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick Ltd. (MRGNB).  The shareholders were, and are, active roofing contractor members of the NBRCA and the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) that have met stringent quality screening and made a financial commitment to the Guarantee Program.

The first edition of the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual was published in May 1991. This edition described the technical requirements for built-up roof (BUR) systems to qualify for the  5 Year Guarantee Program.  Although based on  the existing CRCA Technical Manual, the technical requirements for a system to qualify for an MRGNB  5 Year Guarantee were often more demanding. This supported the overall goal of more durable and longer-lasting roof systems.

Selected SBS Modified Bituminous membrane roof systems were added to the Guarantee Program, and to the technical manual, in December 1992. Selected SEBS Kettle Modified Bituminous roof systems were added in March 1993.

An updated MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual was released in April 2000. It included all of the systems covered in the original manual and subsequent additions to the Guarantee Program.  A fully adhered EPDM single-ply membrane system was added to the Guarantee Program in January 2005 and supporting additions to the technical manual were issued.

In 2007, the MRGNB began the process of developing a complete manual update.  The current MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual, issued in 2010, was again updated in 2013 with the launch of the MRGNB Proprietary Extended Guarantee Program.

MRGNB members provide a roof system performance guarantee and are collectively responsible for the Guarantee Program.  The Guarantee certificate is an undertaking by MRGNB, its shareholders, and the respective roofer.  In addition, our Proprietary Extended Guarantee Program adds a written undertaking issued by the membrane system manufacturer providing even further protection for the building owner and roof design authority.

MRGNB Guarantee Program Benefits

Our “Classic” and Extended Warranty Programs offer advantages to all  stakeholders in any MRGNB Guaranteed project.

Benefits for Owners

  • Independent Quality Assurance Observation (QAO) of the roofing application by a trained and approved Observer during the course of the roof installation. The Observer documents that the roofing application is consistent with the project specifications, the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual, and with the membrane system manufacturers’ written requirements (See “A Few Words about QAO” below).
  • In the event that the original contractor cannot fulfill their roof repair obligations under the warranty, MRGNB will arrange for the repairs to be completed by an alternate contractor at no cost to the owner.
  • The owner is assured that the MRGNB Guaranteed system incorporates features appropriate for the New Brunswick environment.
  • The owner is assured that work has been undertaken by an MRGNB shareholder contractor with a demonstrated commitment to quality workmanship.

Benefits for Designers

  • The MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual becomes an integral part of the project specifications, reducing concerns about professional liability by referencing recognized roofing application standards that are supported by the MRGNB.
  • The systems described in the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual incorporate system enhancements appropriate for the unique New Brunswick environment.
  • The specifier has access to MRGNB technical support during the development of the project documents, including a complimentary service for the review of roofing project specifications and drawings.

A Few Words About QAO

Quality Assurance Observation (QAO) is an important, but sometimes overlooked, aspect of any construction project. This is particularly true in the installation of a roof system intended to provide long-term protection for a new or existing building.

QAO is defined by ASTM Standard D7186 (Standard Practice for Quality Assurance Observation of Roof construction and Repair) as “the process of recording and reporting the installation of materials and work procedures of the installer or contractor in a roofing project for the purpose of documenting compliance or non-compliance with the contract documents on a daily basis.”

Roof systems covered by MRGNB Guarantee Programs must be documented by QAO that is conducted by trained and approved Observers.

  • Observers must either be Registered Roof Observers with RCI, Inc. or be working toward their RRO accreditation and under the direct supervision of an accredited RRO.
  • To ensure accountability, the Observer is engaged directly by the building owner or their designate.
  • To ensure impartiality, Observers operate independently of the MRGNB, roofing contractors, product manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • The Observers have access to and the support of the MRGNB technical manager and the technical representatives of the materials manufacturers to maintain their familiarity with current requirements and standards.
  • The Observers conduct roof observations regularly during application, usually daily, and are involved with all aspects of quality assurance during system application.
  • The Observers’ reports form a vital link in documenting that the entire roof system has been constructed in accordance with the project specifications, the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual, and the manufacturers’ technical literature.
  • Roof Consultants and Observers may also be valuable resources for the design team and the building owner in providing consultation on roofing options, systems, and materials during design and construction.

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