Wilson (J.E.) Roofing and Ventilation Ltd.

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At J.E. Wilson, we compete based on quality, not price. Typically, the lowest price is not always the right price for a job. Quite often we may not be found at the lowest bidder, but at the end of the day, we offer the best value for dollar from the customers standpoint. Our work includes attention to detail that can go unnoticed by both the customer and a less-than-professional contractor.

On some occasions, we have entered the project as the second bidder, and had to remove the work of a low bidder and rework the project the right way; effectively roofing a building twice. In that case the homeowner would have saved thousands as opposed to only saving a couple of hundred.

In regards to safety, we want our people to work in the safest most efficient manner that they can; at J.E. Wilson, we never comprome safety for productivity. We work hard with other member contractors with regards to the changes in occupational health and safety act and we are in the stages of our auditing safety program right now.

A commitment to quality and safety is going to set us and other contractors with safety programs apart from companies that don’t have them. This is why I am proud of what we have accomplished at J.E. Wilson and why I am proud to say I am a member the New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association.

Rob Paterson, President

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